Acer Aspire Repair

Acer Aspire Laptop Repair

acer laptop repairLooking for fast acer aspire repair centre. You come to the right place; Acer Repair UK is a leading acer laptop and desktop service store in Central London, offering reasonably priced Acer Aspire laptop repair and upgrade for customers in London. We offer quick diagnosis and repair for all almost all Acer Aspire notebook models. 

London Acer Aspire Laptop Repair

Our same day London acer aspire laptop repair and upgrade services include:

  • Acer aspire motherboard repair and replacement,
  • Acer aspire memory (RAM) replacement / upgrade,
  • Acer aspire hard drive upgrade and replacement,
  • Acer aspire laptop LCD screen repair and replacement,
  • Acer aspire display hinge repair / replacement,
  • Acer aspire CD / DVD optical drive replacement,
  • Acer aspire keyboard repair and replacement,
  • Acer aspire screen inverter and backlight repair / replacement,
  • Acer aspire DC power jack replacement,
  • Acer aspire hard drive data recovery,
  • Acer aspire Virus / spyware / adware removal services.

At Acer Repair UK, we have experience and expertise and can fix all types of component-level failures and software related problems with your Acer Aspire laptop, we can resolve almost all laptop issues including: 

  • Acer Aspire notebook blue screen error messages - blue screen error message coming up every time you use the computer
  • Acer Aspire notebook hard drive failure - hard drives fail with no warning whatsoever,
  • Acer Aspire notebook broken keys on keyboard - keyboard keys are broken, damaged or lost
  • Acer Aspire notebook AC power adapter failure - laptop won't turn on with the AC power adapter plugged in
  • Acer Aspire laptop overheating - laptop switches off for no reason,
  • Acer Aspire laptop keeps freezing - keeps freezing after start-up, there are no error messages no warnings the thing just freezes without warning,
  • Acer Aspire notebook motherboard failure - power failure, bus failure or component failure,
  • Acer Aspire Laptop is plugged in but not charging - Plugged in, not charging! 0%!,
  • Acer aspire keyboard damage, Broken display hinges 

Acer Aspire Laptop Screen Repair

We can troubleshoot and fix screen problems for all models of Acer laptop, netbook and tablet computers. We offer affordable acer laptop screen repair and replacement services for your broken, faulty, cracked, smashed, damaged screens and computers with dim light screen issues. The acer laptop screen problems we troubleshoot and fix as part of our laptop screen repair and replacement services includes:

  • Diagonal or jagged lines and Horizontal and vertical lines.
  • Discolored, lightened,
  • Darker area in screen
  • Lighter areas or white spots visible on the screen.
  • Black "splotches" or "blotches" with bright white areas exposed
  • Broken glass or hinges.

If you experience any problem with your Acer Aspire laptop, don’t panic, simply call us at 020-7820-0009 or e-mail us at to take advantage of our affordable Acer Aspire laptop repair, upgrade and maintenance services in London.